Warehousing and transport

Warehousing and transport


Modern ambient warehouse, designed in accordance with the guidelines of Good Distribution and Good Storage Practices, equipped with modern systems of air conditioning and monitoring as well as a specially designed shelving system, allows storage of medications and medical equipment that follows the highest standards.

The prescribed limit values of temperature in ambient part of the warehouse are 15-25 °C .

Monitoring of temperature and relative humidity is achieved through a validated software VTP μSCADA which is in accordance with standard 21CFR part 11.

The medications are, besides in ambient conditions also stored in cold chambers which are validated, and their work is fully automated and independent.

In front of the cold chamber is a pre-chamber that protects the cold chambers from uncontrolled intrusion of warmer air and ensures stable temperature conditions in cold chambers.

The prescribed limit values of temperature in cold chambers are 2-8 ° C.


Transportation of goods is performed via our own validated delivery vehicles adapted for the transport of pharmaceutical products.

The loading space of the vehicle is insulated and has a device to maintain the prescribed temperature regimes during transport, in all weather conditions (winter and summer).

By installing a thermograph with a printer in the vehicle, it is possible to print the temperature range of the space in which the goods were held during transport.

Goods can be accompanied by a validated digital temperature gauges, which are placed next to the medications, in order to adittionaly monitor and appropriately document changes in temperature.