About Us

About Vetprom company

In our company, employees take care of every aspect of the supply chain - from the import of medications, through transport and storage to the export of unused medications and destruction of pharmaceutical waste in accordance with applicable regulations.

The main goal of the company Vet prom export-import is fostering partnerships with customers. By Quality of Good Distribution Practices (GDP) and respect for the principles of Good Clinical Practice (GCP) we provide a quality of products and services that will make our company a reliable and recognizable partner.

The modern technological solutions and equipment, good organization, effective quality assurance system and professional and capable staff make the quality of our products and services according to the strictest standards and special requirements of clients.

The main activity of the company Vetprom export-import is to provide end-to-end logistical support in carrying out clinical trials in Serbia.
All the activities are defined by internal procedures which all employees adhere to.


Our mission is to constantly improve the system of quality management, continuous education of employees in all kinds of services we provide and maintenance of adequate distribution of medications and medical devices while preserving product quality.


Our mission is to follow the values of Good Distribution Practice and Good Clinical Practice for:


  • Users - by providing them with high-quality services in the distribution chain
  • Manufacturers - by providing professional supervision of warehousing and distribution of medications and medical devices
  • Researchers (CRO) - by high quality and timely delivery of medications and medical devices
  • Sponsors - by providing a highly sophisticated tracking system for monitoring the distribution of medications and by using defined Standard Operating Procedures


We operate following the right values and show respect for our Clients.

Why should You choose Vetprom ?

Our service is secure, accurate and complete !

We provide high quality services in the distribution chain - including imports, transport and storage, as well as export of unused medications and destruction of pharmaceutical waste in compliance with all requirements of our clients.

Professional monitoring the storage and distribution of drugs

We perform professional supervision of storage and distribution of medications and medical devices using validated systems in accordance with GxP guidelines.

Timely provide all necessary information !

We provide timely all the necessary information needed for our customers. Proper archiving complete documentation of clinical studies in accordance with the guidelines of Good Documentation Practices.



The vision of our company is unconditional quality, provision of services that meet the highest standards and quality assurance of products during distribution to end users with customer satisfaction with our service on the Serbian market.


In order to meet customer expectations, we make sure that all our employees show enthusiasm and respond with extra effort to the needs of our clients.


We fulfill our vision through:


  • Constant monitoring of new legislation and regulations in the field of Clinical trials
  • Continuous improvement of the Quality Management System
  • The synergy of activities with business partners
  • Constant education in the field of Good Distribution Practices maintainance and improvement of the knowledge and awareness of employees
We will always provide you with the information that will bring your business success.



Premises and equipment

Vetprom export import has 300 m² of premises and 420 m² of warehouse space in New Belgrade as well as validated vehicles for quick and effective transport of goods to research centers. Premisses and equipment are suitable and adequate to ensure proper storage and distribution of medications and medical devices.

Monitoring of temperature and relative humidity is achieved through a validated software VTP μSCADA which is in accordance with the standard 21CFR part 11. It is carried out through continuous monitoring of temperature and relative humidity for 24 hours/7 days a week and the system for any deviation from the prescribed limit values automatically informs the responsible persons in Vetprom, so that they can react in a timely manner.

Control and calibration of measuring devices, equipment, sensors and complete monitoring system are performed periodically and regulated by internal procedures. The certificate on calibration is issued by an accredited laboratory.

The prescribed limit values of temperature and relative humidity in the warehouse are as follows:

- The cold chamber: the temperature of 2-8 ° C
- Ambient temperature: 15-25 ° C
- Ambient relative humidity: up to 60%

Cold chambers are validated, and their work is fully automated . Other systems: access control system, fire protection system, anti-burglary system and 24/7 video monitoring of all safety systems in the building (video cameras, alarm systems, etc.) provide a safe and secure storage.

In the case of electricity breakdown or disconnection, power unit device is automatically started and it provides continuous power supply to all vital system: cold chambers, air conditioning system, a system for monitoring temperature and relative humidity and others.



VETPROM was established in 1946 and since then we have been actively involved in the growth and development of the pharmaceutical industry in Serbia.

Basic activity of the company in the very beginning was trading with veterinary medications and after a short period of time it started trading with human medications and medical material as well. Vetprom quickly became an important partner in supplying medical and pharmaceutical institutions, as well as other related kinds of institutions across the country.


After 1950 Vetprom began foreign trading activities after which Vetprom export import was established, which has ever since operated as an indenpendent company in the field of foreign trade of medications and medical devices, with headquarters in Belgrade, Svetozara Markovica 44.


In 2005, Vetprom export-import became a private company.

While maintaining the basic activities of the company (drug supply and import-export of raw materials and finished drugs) we were able to expand our services into the field of providing quality logistics support for clinical trials in Serbia.


Starting in 2009, we began a significant expansion and reorientation of the Vetprom toward providing end-to-end logistical support for clinical trials with the continuous training of employees and implementation of all relevant guidelines of Good Distribution and Storage Practices into internal procedures.

In 2009, Vetprom export-import was ISO certified by the certification body TUV SUD Management Service and since then we operate in acccordance with relevant ISO 9001 standard.

In mid-2015, Vetprom export-import moved to a new facility. The new location is modernly designed, with state of the art technical equipment and fully equipped storage area of 420 m2. The building complex meets all the guidelines of Good Distribution and Storage Practices, with headquarters in New Belgrade, Surcinski put  1 V

Vetprom export import is a company opened for cooperation in a wide spectrum of services. Through professional experience in providing all logistical support including import, transport, storage, distribution and export of products necessary for the conducting clinical trials, we represent a very reliable and specialized partner to our Clients in the field of Clinical Trials on the territory of Serbia.


Vetprom celebrates 2 anniversaries - 70 years of foundation and 10 years of supporting Clinical trials in Serbia.

The result of many years of experience in the market is a large number of satisfied clients.